Daikin Aurora

Total indoor climate control means having the ability to select a desirable temperature for each space in a house and to have that temperature maintained no matter what the temperature outside — from -13°F (-25°C) to 114.8°F (46°C), ensuring all year round comfort. For all regions, the outdoor units of this single zone AURORA heat pump system have been redesigned to withstand extreme weather conditions with excellent energy efficiency ratings

Sound 46dB(A)
HSPF Up to 12.5
Seer Up to 20.3
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Ductless Ductless Ductless Ductless Ductless Ductless Ductless

Mitsubishi M-Series

Available as a cooling only, heat pump or a hyper-heating heat pump, each outdoor unit connects to a single indoor unit through refrigerant lines. These outdoor units have INVERTER-driven compressors that only use the precise amount of energy needed to keep the space comfortable.Mitsubishi outdoor units operate as low as 46 decibels — the level of a typical conversation. Each unit has a space-saving compact design and is available in a variety of sizes to suit different cooling and heating requirements

Sound 46dB(A)
HSPF 13.5
Seer 33.1
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Ductless Ductless Ductless Ductless

Ductless Language


What are Zones?

Zones describe the number of indoor units in a ductless system. A single-zone ductless would have one indoor unit in a strategic location, while a multi-zone ductless could cover up to eight zones with eight individual indoor units.


What does SEER mean?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a calculation to determine the efficiency of air conditioning in a heat pump. In simple terms, the higher the SEER, the more efficient your system will be.


What does HSPF Mean?

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is a heat pump’s heating version of SEER. The number represents the total heat output of a heat pump. In simple terms, the higher the HSPF, the more effective the heat pump will be at heating your home.


What does dB mean?

Decibel or dB is used to measure the loudness of sound, and ductless systems typically range anywhere from 46-65 sound decibels. The lower this number is, the less intense or softer sounding the outdoor unit will be.

What's the Best Ductless Brand?

This question is better asked – What is the best ductless brand for you? North American ductless brands are best suited for cooling only or mild climate heat pump use. If your goal is to eliminate or be less reliant on hydrocarbons, you may want to consider Japanese brands that offer cold climate ductless heat pumps like Mitsubishi or Daikin. Cold climate heat pumps like the Mitsubishi MUZ-FH operate at 100% heating capacity at -20°C and continue to deliver exceptional heating performance when the outdoor temperature drops as low as -30°C. When choosing a ductless heat pump, it’s important to clearly define your expectations and work closely with an expert to find you the system that fits your needs.

What is a Ductless Heat Pump?

A ductless heat pump, also known as a mini-split heat pump, is a heating and cooling system that doesn’t use ductwork to distribute air throughout your home. Instead, it uses an outdoor unit that connects to one or more indoor units. The indoor units can be mounted on the wall or ceiling of your home, allowing you to control the temperature of individual rooms or zones. Ductless heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it inside your home using refrigerant lines. In the summer, they can reverse this process to cool your home.

How Long do Ductless Heat Pumps Last?

The lifespan of a ductless heat pump can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the specific make and model of the system. However, according to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a well-maintained ductless heat pump can last up to 20 years or more.

Are Ductless Heat Pump Efficient?

Ductless heat pumps can be up to 30% more efficient than traditional HVAC systems because they don’t lose energy through ductwork. Ductwork can lead to energy losses as air travels through it. Leaky ducts, poorly insulated ducts, and improperly installed ducts can all contribute to energy losses. Ductless heat pumps don’t use ducts, so there’s no opportunity for energy losses through ductwork. Ductless heat pumps also allow for individual room or zone control, which can lead to greater efficiency. You can set the temperature in each room or zone to your desired level rather than heating or cooling the entire home to one temperature. Lastly, many ductless heat pumps use a variable-speed compressor that adjusts the heating or cooling output based on demand. This allows the system to run at a lower speed and use less energy when less heating or cooling is needed. Overall, the combination of no duct losses, zoning, and variable-speed compressors make ductless heat pumps more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Are There Ductless Rebates?

Yes, the Green Homes Grant currently offers up to $2,500 for Energystar-certified ductless heat pumps with two zones and $5,000 for ductless systems with three zones.

Here are two of our favorite matchups:

You can scroll to the line number and view these matchups here: https://bit.ly/3pO0Imv

Mitsubishi MXZ-2C – $2,500 Rebate – Line# 9348

Daikin 2MXL – $2,500 Rebate – Line# 9764

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

The cost of installing a ductless system will depend on a few factors, including the size of your space and number of zone, product performance, and the material requirements, but that’s not the answer you’re looking for, and happily, we have data that can help.

The average cost of installing twenty ductless heat pumps in 2022 is $7,145. Keep in mind that this average includes all sorts of installations, from entry-level single zone all the way up to cold climate multi-zone ductless systems.

What Warranty Does Comfort Hub Provide?

In most cases, we match the manufacturer’s parts warranty with an equivalent labor warranty. For example, Mitsubishi products have a standard ten-year parts warranty, and we match that with a ten-year labor warranty. This is our way of saying that we stand behind the products we install.

Does Comfort Hub use Sub-Contractors?

Absolutely not. All our technicians are fully licensed employees. Each proposal has a no sub-contractor guarantee, so you can rest assured that your products will be installed correctly the first time around with us; it’s what we do best, after all.

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