Generc Gaurdian Series

Choose the #1 selling home standby generator brand Generac’s Guardian Series generators provide the automatic backup power you need to protect your home and family during a power outage. Connected to your existing LP or natural gas fuel supply, it kicks in within seconds of sensing power loss—automatically—and runs for as long as necessary until utility power returns. Choose 10kw to power just the essentials or Generac’s 26kW, the largest air-cooled generator in the market, for whole-house coverage.

Sound Low as 61dB(A)
Displacement Up to 999cc
Amps Up to 100
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Generator Language


What Does Fuel Usage Mean?

Fuel usage for a generator is described using cubic feet per hour. For example, 228 ft3/hr is equal to 228,000 BTUh, and the average residential tankless water heater outputs around 200,000BTUh.


What does Displacement mean?

The cubic capacity or CC of a generator is the power output of the engine. Generally speaking, the higher an engine's displacement, the more power it can create.


What does dB mean?

Decibel or dB is used to measure the loudness of sound, and heat pumps typically range anywhere from 52-75 sound decibels. The lower this number is, the less intense or softer sounding the outdoor unit will be.


What Does kW Mean?

A generator's power output is rated in kilowatts (kW). For reference, a residential dryer typically requires 2.5 kW of energy.

What's the Best Generator Brand?

We think this comes down to personal preference. It’s easy to say Generac is the #1 selling standby generator brand, but that does not mean it resonates with you. Maybe you remember a lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine that never quit, so you trust that brand’s reliability more. It could be that the engine in your Dodge Ram makes you lean towards Cummins or the Kohler in your Polaris side by side, but it is safe to say they are great. As for us, we choose Generac for the 24/7 support, availability of stock/replacement parts, and, of course, the aesthetics. We’ve seen them all, and there isn’t another unit nearly as good-looking as a Generac.

How Much Does a Generator Cost?

The cost of installing a generator will depend on a few factors, including the size of your space and the material requirements, but that’s not the answer you’re looking for, and happily, we have data.

The average cost of installing twenty Generac generators in 2022 is $14,167. Keep in mind this average includes all sorts of installations from 10kw all the way up to 24kw generators.

How Long are Wait Times for Installation?

Typically, wait times are about one to two months for installation. This depends on Generac’s shipping ETAs, but we would say that, on average, they ship orders in about two to three weeks.

What Size Do I Need?

This depends on what electrical components you wish to power during an outage. In most cases, a 10-14kw generator will power the essentials of a 1,600 sq ft home, while 18-22kw would be considered a whole home solution. When determining the sizing requirements of a generator, it’s important to clearly define your expectations and work closely with an expert to help determine the system that best fits your home’s needs.

What Warranty Does Comfort Hub Provide?

In most cases, we match the manufacturer’s parts warranty with an equivalent labor warranty. For example, Generac products have a standard five-year limited parts warranty, and we match that with a five-year labor warranty. This is our way of saying that we stand behind the products we install.

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We know that's what everyone says, but we're confident of it. Comfort hub was founded by experienced installers, and quality craftsmanship will always remain at the core of who we are. While others use the word “quality” as empty marketing jargon, we live by it.


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The attention to detail that goes into our installations is not limited to the products we work with. We also take pride in a job well done by cleaning up attentively before leaving your home.


Industry-leading warranties and 24/7 emergency service

Your system is an investment that we want to protect. While it’s impossible to be breakdown free, you can rest easy knowing that if your system does go down, we’ll be there.


Commitment to customer experience

We invest in customer experience because it's something that interests us. We're always looking for new ways to streamline our processes and make interacting with us easier so you can have the confidence of knowing that we’re always evolving to make your journey with Comfort hub better.

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