Heat Pumps

Daikin FIT

The search is over! Introducing the Daikin Fit. Without a doubt, this system has exceeded all our expectations and stands as the most impressive system we have ever come across. It tackles head-on the frustrations we have long endured with traditional equipment, offering an exceptional and consumer-centric solution that perfectly aligns with their desires and needs.

Stages Variable
HSPF2 Up to 8.2
Seer2 Up to 17.5
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Daikin DZ9VC

The Daikin DZ9VC heat pump, honored with the prestigious "Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2023" award, stands out with its exceptional energy efficiency. Equipped with the renowned Daikin High-Efficiency Inverter compressor, it ensures remarkable performance while boasting the most comprehensive 12-year warranty available in the market.

Stages Variable
HSPF2 Up to 8.2
Seer2 Up to 22.5
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Daikin DZ7TC

The Daikin DZ7TC heat pump offers a cost-effective and efficient solution, perfectly complementing natural gas furnaces. Designed to provide exceptional performance while maximizing energy savings, this heat pump is an ideal partner for homeowners seeking an economical and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system. With its innovative features and seamless integration with the Daikin One, the DZ7TC heat pump ensures optimal comfort and efficiency, making it a smart choice for those looking for a budget-conscious and sustainable home heating and cooling solution.

Stages 2
HSPF2 Up to 8.2
Seer2 Up to 17.2
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Daikin DZ7TC

The Daikin DZ4SQ heat pump offers a budget-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on quality. As a single-stage heat pump, it provides reliable performance at an affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious homeowners. With its combination of affordability and functionality, the Daikin DZ4SQ heat pump provides a practical and reliable option for those seeking a budget-friendly heating and cooling solution.

Stages 1
HSPF2 Up to 7.5
Seer2 Up to 14.5
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Carrier 38MARBQ

This Carrier hybrid heat pump uses inverter technology which continually adjusts the compressor speed as conditions change for consistent temperatures, quiet operation, and lower energy usage. Enjoy the sleek, low-profile design, and year-round comfort with a system that performs in even the harshest of conditions

Stages Variable
HSPF Up to 11
Seer Up to 15 SEER
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Carrier 25HPB6

The 25HPB6 boasts cooling efficiencies of up to 17 SEER. And, like other Carrier® heat pumps, it's designed to be Hybrid Heat® system compatible to help you save on heating costs in winter too.Carrier heat pumps with Puron refrigerant provide a collection of features unmatched by any other family of equipment. The 25HPB6 has been designed utilizing Carrier’s non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant.

Stages 1
HSPF Up to 9.5
Seer Up to 17
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Carrier 25VNA4

Carrier’s 25VNA4 with Greenspeed™ Intelligence is a breakthrough product providing up to 13 HSPF heating efficiency and up to 24 SEER cooling efficiency. The variable speed capacity control results in strong heating capacity as the outdoor temperature drops resulting in less reliance on auxiliary heat. Lower speed operation, when needed in cooling, for enhanced comfort and dehumidification.

Stages Variable
HSPF Up to 13
Seer Up to 24
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Carrier 25VNA8

The Infinity® 18VS heat pump offers high-efficiency variable speed performance in a remarkably small cabinet and provides up to 11 HSPF heating efficiency and up to 18 SEER cooling efficiency. The variable speed inverter capacity control delivers up to 5 stages of operation for exceptional load matching, dehumidification and zoning performance.

Stages Variable
HSPF Up to 11
Seer Up to 18
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Heat Pump Language


What are Stages?

Stages describe the different levels of output from a heat pump. A two-stage heat pump has high and low settings, variable models dynamically adjust capacity, matching the cooling or heating demands of the space in real-time.


What Does SEER2 mean?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER2) is a calculation to determine the efficiency of air conditioning in a heat pump. In simple terms, the higher the SEER2, the more efficient your system.


What Does HSPF2 mean?

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF2) is a heat pump’s heating version of SEER. The number represents the total heat output of a heat pump. In simple terms, the higher the HSPF, the more effective the heat pump at heating your home.


What does dB mean?

Decibel or dB is used to measure the loudness of sound, and heat pumps typically range anywhere from 52-75 sound decibels. The lower this number is, the less intense or softer sounding the outdoor unit will be.

What's the Best Heat Pump Brand?

It’s better to consider what is the best heat-pump brand for you. Carrier and Trane have great hybrid systems that will pair well with your existing furnace; however, these systems are not geared toward colder temperatures. North American heat pump brands are best paired with natural gas systems where the cost of using backup heat is not a major concern. Alternatively, if your backup fuel source is oil or propane, you should consider brands that offer cold climate heat pumps like Mitsubishi or Daikin. Cold climate heat pumps, like the Daikin SkyAir operate at 100% heating capacity at -15°C and continue to deliver exceptional heating performance when the outdoor temperature drops as low as -30°C. When choosing a heat pump, it’s important to clearly define your expectations and work closely with an expert to help you find the system that fits your needs.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump works by transferring heat from one location to another. In heating mode, the heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it to the inside of a building to provide warmth. In cooling mode, the heat pump removes heat from the indoor air and transfers it outside to provide cool air. The heat pump uses a refrigerant to absorb and release heat as it cycles through the system and a compressor to move the refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. In simple terms, a heat pump can reverse the flow of refrigerant and collect heat from outside that you can’t feel.

Can a Heat Pump be Used for Both Heating and Cooling?

Yes, a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling. In heating mode, the heat pump extracts heat from the outside and brings it inside, and in cooling mode, the heat pump removes heat from the inside and transfers it outside. The heat pump uses a reversing valve to switch between heating and cooling modes, which allows it to provide year-round use.

Can a Heat Pump Replace my Furnace?

A heat pump can replace a furnace, but you will always require a backup or supplemental source of heat. With Ottawa’s cold temperatures, a heat pump may struggle to provide sufficient heating on its own, and a supplemental heating source, such as a furnace or electric resistance heating, is needed. During your consultation, we can help you determine what kind of backup heat is a good fit for your home and provide recommendations based on your goals.

Is a Heat Pump Cheaper than Natural Gas?

The cost of heating a home with a heat pump versus natural gas varies depending on several factors, such as the price of electricity vs. natural gas, the efficiency of the heating systems, and the heating needs of your home. In general, heat pumps are more efficient than natural gas furnaces at -8c and above, but this will vary depending on Enbridge rates. From the average temperature recording in Ottawa, posted below, you can see how much of the year a heat pump can save money.

September 21° October 13° November December -3° January -6° February -4° March

Are Heat Pumps Noisy?

Heat pumps are generally not noisy, but this depends on the type and model of the heat pump, as well as how it is installed and maintained. Modern heat pumps are designed to operate quietly, and many manufacturers include noise-reducing features, such as insulated compressors and ECM fans, to minimize sound levels. If you’re concerned about noise levels from a heat pump, it’s important to choose a reputable brand and model with clear sound decibel ratings.

Are Heat Pumps Complicated to Use?

Controlling a heat pump is no different from a conventional furnace and air conditioner. Our team will program the optimal temperature for the heat pump to engage its backup heat source, and the changeover will happen automatically. From a user standpoint, you are only switching between heat/cool and selecting the desired temperature. For users that wish to adjust the outdoor temperature the heat pump will operate down to, we provide articles like the one below that instruct how to easily make this adjustment.


Are There Heat Pump Rebates?

Yes, the Green Homes Grant currently offers up to $5,000 for cold climate air source heat pumps and $4,000 for Energystar-certified air source heat pumps. Here are two of our favorite matchups:

You can scroll to the line number and view these matchups here: https://bit.ly/3pO0Imv

Carrier 38MRBQ + 59TP6 Hybrid – $5,000 Rebate – Line# 5868

Mitsubishi Zuba Cold Climate Package: $5,000 Rebate – Line# 9101

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

The cost of installing a heat pump will depend on several factors, including the size of your space, the product performance, and the material requirements, but that’s not the answer you’re looking for, and happily, we have data to help.

The average cost of installing twenty add-on hybrid heat pumps in 2022 was $6,324. Keep in mind that this average is limited to add-on hybrid heat pumps, and to qualify for government rebates, central ducted and hybrid systems must always be paired with a matching furnace or air handler. If qualifying for government rebates is important to you, you need to explore hybrid heat-pump and cold climate packages, which will increase costs significantly.

What Warranty Does Comfort Hub Provide?

In most cases, we match the manufacturer’s parts warranty with an equivalent labor warranty. For example, Daikin products have a comprehensive 12-year parts warranty, and we match that with a 12-year labor warranty. This is our way of saying that we stand behind the products we install.

Does Comfort Hub use Sub-Contractors?

Absolutely not. All our technicians are fully licensed employees. Each proposal has a no sub-contractor guarantee, so you can rest assured that your products will be installed correctly the first time around with us; it’s what we do best, after all.

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